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We publish Nis Jakob's thriller books, which often top the bestseller lists with their mix of raw suspense, sensitive psychological portraits and elegant plots.

With the Wolf series, Nis Jakob has established his name in the super league of Danish crime / suspense writers.

The Wolf series has been sold for publication in Sweden, where the publisher Nona has hired Jussie Adler-Olsen translator Leif Jacobsen and the popular audiobook reader Fredde Granberg to send Wolf and Inessa out to Swedish readers.

The Wolf series has already made Danish reviewers and readers hand out roses and stars. Not least on Denmark's largest streaming service Mofibo, where thousands of readers have welcomed the Wolf series since the first volume was published in 2018 and had a major breakthrough.

Right now there are four volumes in the Wolf series out in Denmark, so you can "binge read" the terrific story about Danish Wolf and Russian Inessa, who is hired by a secret international organization to make the world a better place.

You can find Nis Jakob's thrillers everywhere where audiobooks, e-books and paper books are sold / streamed. If you need to contact the publisher, this is done at nisjakob@gmail.com

A DEAD RUSSIAN is the first volume in the Wolf series. This is followed by 1000 lashes, Missile and the Caliph.
Wolfserien er bestseller på Mofibo sommer 2O19